9.1. Create a Text and Image Inner Page Widget

These widgets are created in a similar way to pages. They are not organized within the navigation structure, but you can link to other pages from these widgets. By assigning a specific tag to the widget, it becomes visible on all inner pages, below the Sitka New Items Carousel (if it's enabled on a particular inner page).

  1. Log into your LibPress site and add a New Page.

  2. Add content to your new page.

  3. Add a single category to the page: infotile

  4. Add a single tag to the page: infotile

  5. Click Publish.

The new widget will now appear on the right-hand side of all pages. To find all pages that are in use as inner page widgets, go to your Dashboard and click on Pages in the left-hand menu. In the View All Categories drop-down menu, select infotile. Click Filter.

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