8.3. Creating a Bibliocommons Recently Reviewed Items Carousel

  1. To create a BiblioCommons carousel, add a new Highlight and click the Text tab at the top right of the Visual Editor.

  2. Copy the following code there:

    <iframe src="//your-library-name.bibliocommons.com/widgets/carousel_rr" height="325" width="280" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

  3. Replace “your-library-name” with your library name.

  4. This will display recently reviewed items as a carousel in your Highlight.


    To display different types of lists, please contact your BiblioCommons representative for the appropriate code. Then, replace the code above with that which you receive from BiblioCommons.

  5. Publish the Highlight and test to ensure functionality.

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