3.5. Creating an Image Gallery

  1. Log into your LibPress site and access the Edit screen for the page you wish to modify.

  2. Click the Add Media button above your Edit screen.

  3. Click Create Gallery in the top left of the window.

  4. Click on the images you wish to include (you can upload more images by clicking the Upload Files link near the top of the window).

  5. Once you've selected all of your images, click the Create a new gallery button at the bottom right-hand side of the page.

  6. Here, you can rearrange images and the number of columns to display. When finished, click Insert Image at the bottom right.

  7. A default image appears, representing the gallery that will appear to your library users.

  8. Click the Text tab at the top right of your Edit window. A shortcode appears in place of the gallery, for example: [gallery ids="2343,2340"]. To make the images slightly larger and more usable, adjust the shortcode so that it appears as follows (note: the ids will be different for your instance): [gallery ids="2343,2340" size=”medium”]

  9. Click Update at the top right of the Edit screen to save your changes.

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