Editing Basics

Table of Contents

3.1. Editing a Page
3.2. Adding a New Page
3.3. Deleting a Page
3.4. Inserting an Image
3.5. Creating an Image Gallery
3.6. Inserting a Link to a File (e.g. PDF)
3.7. Inserting Internal, External, and Email Links
3.8. Inserting a YouTube or Vimeo Video
3.9. Inserting a Table
3.10. Inserting an Anchor within a Page
3.11. Graphics Guidelines

Most of the content on the LibPress website is contained within Pages. This section describes how to update pages from the Dashboard. Note that Posts (used to add content to the Blog) are updated in much the same way as Pages. Because LibPress is based on WordPress, additional support materials are available at http://codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page).

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