3.11. Graphics Guidelines

Maximum File Size:

Although WordPress will allow images up to 2MB to be uploaded, we highly recommend your images stay well below this size. You can achieve this by compressing images before uploading. There are many compression programs available, including:

PDF files can also consume a large amount of space. If you think you might upload more than a couple of dozen PDF files, please contact us so that we can ensure your site stays below the storage limits. For more information on storage limits, please refer to Section 1.4 “Website Storage Limits”.

Image Dimensions for Photos and Graphics:
Image Resolution:
Recommended Graphics Software:

Compressing Images:

Image Editing - FOSS (free and open source software):

Drawing - FOSS (free and open source software):

On-line Tools for Creating New Images:

Image Editing - Low Cost:

Drawing - Low Cost:

The Adobe Option

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