Home Page Highlights

Table of Contents

8.1. Creating a Basic Highlight
8.2. Creating a Sitka New Items Carousel
8.3. Creating a Bibliocommons Recently Reviewed Items Carousel
8.4. Creating a Library To Go New Items Carousel
8.5. Swapping Highlights In and Out of Different Positions

The home page offers 3 columns (or slots) in which libraries can highlight various programs, services or events.

Highlights can be up to 280px wide and any height. For better readability, we recommend you keep Highlights under 260px wide and ensure that they are not too tall to reduce the amount of scrolling required by users. If you need to include more information, add a link such as "Read more..." that links to another page with more detailed information.

Four types of content can be included in the Highlights sections:

  1. Basic Highlight: text with or without images

  2. Sitka New Items Carousel (for Sitka single-branch libraries only)

  3. BiblioCommons Recently Reviewed Items

  4. Library To Go New Items Carousel

  5. Event Calendar

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