5.2. Recurring Events

For recurring events, follow the instructions provided by Timely on their website: Time.ly: Creating Recurring Events. This page also includes information on how to exclude specific dates from a recurring event series.

To change details for one instance of a recurring event, follow the instructions here: Time.ly: How to Edit One Instance of a Recurring Event

Tips for Promoting A Recurring Event

There are several ways to promote a regularly recurring event. You may choose to do some or all of the following:

  1. To display the program on your calendar, create a recurring event for the program following the above instructions.

  2. Create a new Page specifically for the recurring event. This page can contain detailed information and links to the calendar or external sites. This page could reside under Services & ProgramsPrograms, as well as under a Kids, Teens, Adults or Seniors section, if applicable. The page would remain on your website for the duration of the program.

  3. Create a Highlight or Slide to link to the detailed info page.

  4. Following the event, you could add photos to the detailed information page you created in Step 2 and/or to your Photo Gallery.

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