8.2. Creating a Sitka New Items Carousel

Depending on what you've added to your library collection in the previous month, you have a choice of the type of Sitka new items carousel to display on the home page (e.g. new adult fiction, new teen non-fiction, etc.)

  1. Log into your LibPress website, go to your Dashboard and click Highlights in the left-hand navigation pane. You can create a new Highlight or edit an existing Highlight. Your LibPress site comes with a New Items highlight already in place. If it's there, you can edit that Highlight and skip to Step #4.

  2. Identify the Post ID of the new Highlight you are creating (you may have to publish the Highlight first). Use the Post ID in the shortcode in Step #3.

  3. Hand type the shortcode: [sitka_carousel postid="924"] (replace 924 with the shortcode from Step #2.

  4. In the Sitka Carousel box, select the booklist you want to have shown in the carousel from the drop down list.

  5. Fill in the Title field of the post, ensure the Highlight is in the appropriate column and click Publish.

Sitka Carousel not Displaying Expected Titles

Occasionally, at the beginning of a new month, you may notice that your Sitka Carousel is not displaying new titles. In this case, you must rebuild the lists:

  1. Go to DashboardSite ManagerSitka List Titles.

  2. Click the Rebuild picklist button.

  3. Edit the Page of the Highlight with your carousel. You should now see a list of different genres in the drop-down menu for your carousel on the Highlight. Ensure a genre has been selected and click Update.


If the carousel is displaying some, but not all of the expected titles, there may be an issue with the bibliograhic records your items are attached to. Please refer to https://bc.libraries.coop/support/libpress/libpress-booklists/

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