1.2. LibPress Terminology

Term Definition
Centralized Content Also known as “Shared Text”. Various types of content that is centrally hosted and automatically updated by the Co-op. Examples include recommended websites, tutorials, etc. LibPress libraries have the flexibility to select various centralized content and use them when and where they wish on their websites.
Centralized Graphics Also known as "Shared Media". Similar to Centralized Content, the Co-op provides dozens of common graphics that can be used at any time by a LibPress library.
Dashboard The page that appears when a LibPress user logs into their website. The Dashboard provides access to all of the administrative tools required to update a LibPress website.
Footer The bottom section of the website that appears on every page of a LibPress website. It includes Library Hours, Location Map, Contact Information, a Site Map, social media icons and Terms of Use.
Highlight Three columns or boxes appear under the home page slideshow. These are referred to as Highlights and offer spaces for libraries to add custom text and images to promote various programs, services or events.
Inner Page Widget On all pages within the LibPress website (excluding the home page), a column exists on the right-hand side of the page in which libraries can add up to three boxes of information. These boxes are referred to as Inner Page Widgets and can contain custom text, links and/or images to promote various programs, services or events.
Media All images, graphics and PDF files that are uploaded to a LibPress websites are collectively referred to as Media.
Mega Menu The navigation menu that appears on every page of the website. It organizes content on the website and provides a large drop-down menu that further organizes pages.
Pages Most of the content in LibPress is stored in Pages. Pages are typically listed in the Navigation menu.
Posts A post is a single entry within the Blog. You can add and delete posts at any time via the Dashboard. You can also enable comments on posts.
Slide Caption On the homepage slideshow LibPress libraries can elect to include a caption that appears below each slide. Libraries can customize caption text or hide captions from view.
Slideshow The homepage includes a large rotating slideshow that can be used to promote events, programs or services. Libraries can add default slides provided by the Co-op or upload their own custom slides. Each slide is 1000px wide by 300px high.
Site Map A site map is included in the footer of the website and displays a hierarchical view of website content.
Visual Editor The Visual Editor provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) content editor. To access it, you must log into your LibPress website. Then, from any page on your website, click the Edit Page button at the top of the screen. This takes you to a screen where you can modify the content for that page.

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