4.1. Using Centralized Text

  1. Log into your LibPress site and access the Edit screen for the page you wish to modify or Add a New Page.

  2. Scroll down to the Shared Text Preview window.

  3. Click the arrow in the drop-down menu to view available centralized content items.

  4. Select an item and the content will appear in the preview window.

  5. Ensure the Use This Text box is checked and click Update at the top right of the Edit screen to save your changes.

  6. A shortcode now appears at the top of your edit window. A shortcode is a command that appears in square brackets and, in this case, represents the centralized content that will appear to library patrons. For example, [coop-nsm-shared-text id="1170"] is replaced by the "Teens Homework: Writing a Bibliography".

  7. You can copy and paste the shortcode to another area on your page and add text before and after as needed.

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