Examples of using Sitka’s templates


Please clone templates in Sitka_templates and set up your reports from your own copy. This is to avoid any potential impact that may be resulted from changing the orignal templates. The Support Team regularly maintains these templates. Deletion may happen. Deleting a template will delete all linked reports and output files.

Below are a few screenshots showing you how to set up the reports based on some templates in Sitka_templates. Some explanation is added in the boxes with light coloured background.

  1. Setting up a monthly recurring report by using template: Monthly Circulation by Shelving Location (updated to include item’s owning library) in Circulation folder:
  2. Setting up a weekly recurring report by using template: Overdues Within Time Span - for Patrons without Email in Circulation folder:
  3. Setting up a one-time report by using template: Circulation Statistics by One Patron Stat Cat within timespan in Circulation folder:
  4. Setting up a report by using template: Items List by Shelving Location in Holdings folder:
  5. Setting up a report by using template: Weeding - Items with few circulations since a selected month in Holdings folder:

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