Chapter 17. Claiming

Table of Contents

Claim Policies
Claim-Ready Items
Claim Vouchers

Evergreen uses claim policies to compile a list of claim-ready items based on order date. All claiming is currently manual; electronic claiming is not available

Claim Policies

The default claim policy associated with each Provider is automatically assigned to line items and copies ordered from the provider.

Apply or Change a Line Item Claim Policy

  1. Open your purchase order.
  2. Check the check boxes adjacent to each line item you would like to apply the claim policy to.
  3. Click ActionsApply Claim Policy to Selected Line Items.
  4. Choose a Claim policy from the drop down menu.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. The new claim policy will be applied to the line item(s).

You can change the claim policy that has been applied to a line item until the item is marked as received.

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