Chapter 6. 3rd Party Service Integration

Please contact Co-op Support before you purchase a resource that relies on integration with Sitka’s Evergreen. And please allow ample time for us to perform the work and due diligence to ensure these services meet privacy and security legislation requirements for our members and their users.

Co-op Support frequently receives requests from libraries to integrate 3rd party services with Sitka’s Evergreen. These 3rd party services include products such as self-check, electronic resources, public workstation authentication, equipment lockers, etc.

Vendors of 3rd party services may give the impression that integrating their services with your library’s ILS (Sitka’s Evergreen or otherwise) should be ‘’easy’’ or straightforward. This is most often NOT the case, particularly if this is a new product/service. Service integration has become increasingly challenging as we strive to meet stricter privacy and security legislation requirements. We would like to work with you to ensure successful integration of 3rd party products wherever possible, and to do our best to identify those regrettable cases where integration with Evergreen is not possible.

Most of these 3rd party services use one of two ways for their service to ‘’talk’’ with Sitka’s Evergreen, either using a protocol called SIP2 (Standard Interchange Protocol), or through an API (Application Programming Interface). In either case, Sitka/Support staff need to ensure that the method of integration is secure and private.

We’ve provided more background below about why 3rd party integration often requires time on our part and why in some cases, it may not be possible or feasible.

Here’s why:

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