Part III. Cataloguing

Table of Contents

14. Searching the Database for Cataloguing Purposes
Advanced/Numeric Search
MARC Expert Search
15. Adding Holdings to Bibliographic Records
Adding Holdings to Bibliographic Records
New Copies and Holds
Adding Holdings for Non-physical Resources
16. Maintaining Holdings
Working on Copy Attributes
Volume/Copy Defaults
Volume/Copy Template
Copy Alert, Note, Tag and Stat Cat
Editing Holdings
Replacing a Barcode
Batch Editing Copies
Spine/Pocket Labels
Transferring Holdings
Deleting Holdings
17. Copy Bucket
Creating/Deleting Copy Buckets
Adding/Removing Copy Records to/from a Bucket
Working with Copies in a Bucket
Retrieving Shared Buckets
18. Adding Bibliographic Records
Importing Bibliographic Records via Z39.50 Interface
Batch Importing Bibliographic Records
Creating New Bibliographic Records
Sitka’s Minimum MARC record
Cataloguing Non-physical Resources
19. Maintaining Bibliographic records
Editing MARC Records
Editing MARC Record Leader and Fixed Field 008
Format Filters and Format Icons
Merging Bibliographic Records
Deleting Bibliographic Records
Exporting Bibliographic Records
20. Record Buckets
Creating Record Buckets
Adding Records to a Record Bucket
Working with Records in a Record Bucket

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