Final Notices

The final paper overdue notice sent to patrons can be set as a billing notice which includes processing fees and replacement costs. The price is taken from the price entered in the price field of the copy editor for the item. If the price field is blank the price is taken from the Default Item Price setting in the Library Settings Editor. The processing fee comes from the Lost Materials Processing Fee setting found in the Library Settings Editor.

Final notices are set up as part of the paper overdues. When setting up your paper overdues specify the interval at which you would like the final notice to be sent and provide Co-op Support with the wording you would like to appear on the notice.

Libraries have the option to have Evergreen automatically mark long overdue items as lost. An email or paper notice will billing information may be sent to patrons. Contact Co-op Support if you would like to set this up for your library. Please include the interval at which you would like long overdue items to be marked as lost. This interval can be set to coincide with your final notice so that patrons receive a bill for lost items. This does not apply to items that are manually marked lost by staff.

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