Chapter 25. Integrated eResources

Table of Contents

Checking Out eResources
Placing Holds on eResources
Checked Out and On Hold eResources in My Account

Electronic resources are usually hosted by separate suppliers outside the library. Most of these resources have records in the library catalogue. Links leading to the suppliers' website are provided in these records. Some electronic resources can be integrated into the library catalogue, which allows users not only to view the records, but also to borrow and place holds on the resources on the library catalogue directly. Currently eBooks and eAudiobooks from OverDrive are integrated. Users can borrow or place holds on these eResources, and view their borrowed or on-hold items in their library account.

When your search result includes an integrated e-book or e-audiobook from OverDrive, you may see the record is marked as electronic resource with a link going to the supplier’s website.You will see two columns for Available Formats and Status. You may also see Place Hold on E-book/E-audiobook, or Check Out E-book/E-audiobook, depending on whether there is an available copy, instead of the normal Place Hold option on the right hand side of the results list.



If you’re logged into your account you may see Go to E-items on Hold for titles you’ve already placed holds on or Go to E-items Checked Out for titles already checked out to you. Clicking those links takes you to your account to view those items.

Checking Out eResources

  1. If there is an available copy under a title, click on Check Out E-book/E-audiobook on the search result list or record details screen.



    You will be prompted to log in with your library account, if you have not already done so.

  2. Click the Checkout button.

  3. Choose a format type from the Actions menu and click Download. The item will be downloaded in the chosen format.

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