Modify a template

Once saved, it is not possible to edit a template. To make changes, clone the template and change the clone.

To modify a template, repeat the steps 1-6 in cloning a template. You will see the template open on Template Creating screen. Here you can add/remove/edit fields as when you create a new template.

To operate on Displayed fields, click Displayed Fields. You will see all the displayed fields. To remove one, highlight it and click Actions > Remove Selected Field. You may move a field up or down the list, which will affect the sorting of the result records. You may also change the column label or the transform of the field by using respective functions on the Actions list.


  • Removing displayed fields usually does not affect the result set. But sometimes it does, esp. when the report displays the count of records by each group. Sometimes some fields may contain important information. Removing them may cause misunderstanding the results. Usually such fields are explained in the template Description. Be cautious when you delete such fields.
  • Be careful with editing filter fields, as usually changing a filter makes a difference in the result set.

You may add fields. See Chapter 33, Creating Templates for details on operating on fields.


You can not change the starting source table, but have to follow the links to tables in the Sources pane. Changing the starting table will remove all existing fields, meaning building a new template from scratch.

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