Modify a template

Once saved it is not possible to edit a template. To make changes, clone the template and change the clone.

To modify a template, repeat the above steps 1-6. You will see the template open on Template Creating screen. Click Displayed Fields you will see all the displayed fields. To remove one, highlight it and click Remove Selected Field. You may move a field up or down the list, which will affect the sorting of the result records. You may also change the column label or the transform of the field by using respective buttons. See Field Transforms section for more information.


  • Removing displayed fields usually does not affect the result set. But sometimes it does, esp. when the report displays the count of records by each group. Sometimes some fields may contain important information. Removing them may cause misunderstanding the results. Usually such fields are explained in the template Description. Be cautious when you delete such fields.
  • If you are not clear where a displayed field is from, you may use the Source Browser to the right to display fields from the selected table only.

To add a displayed field, go to the Sources to open the source table to find the field or follow the links to the appropriate table which contains the field you want to display. Click the text in the Sources to display fields in the table in Field Name pane. Click the arrow in front of the text to display the linked tables in the Sources pane.

Once find the field, select it in Field Name pane and the appropriate transform in Field Transform pane. Click Add Selected Fields.

The below screenshot shows how to add Precat Dummy Title field. Find Circulating Item table, which is linked from Circulation. Click it (text) to display its fields in Field Name. Select Precat Dummy Title, and then Raw Data in Field Transform.


You can not change the starting source table, but have to follow the links to tables in the Sources pane. Changing the starting table will remove all existing fields, meaning building a new template from scratch.

Select Base Filters or Aggregate Filters to add or remove filters. The steps are the same as adding or removing displayed fields. Be careful with filters as usually changing filter makes a difference in the result set.

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