Chapter 1. New Features in Evergreen Version 3.1

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New Staff Client on Web Browser

Sitka’s Evergreen 3.1 - New Features (15:43)

New Staff Client on Web Browser

  • Sitka’s new Evergreen web client is accessed, in the internet browser Chrome, at It is only supported in Chrome. You must use Chrome to login to Evergreen.
  • Workstations have to be registered the first time you access the new staff URL, and you must be an Evergreen Local System Administrator (LSA) to register workstations. All existing staff logins will work once a workstation is registered.
  • Though the new web client looks and functions similar to the old staff client, you will experience differences when navigating on it. Please refer to Chapter 5, Getting Started and Chapter 6, Best Practices for Using the Browser for details.
  • The new web client is responsive to device and to screen size, and can look different on different devices.

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