Sometimes paid bills need to be voided, such as when lost and paid items are returned. A negative balance may be created once such bills are voided. To close negative bills, you can adjust the balance to zero, add a bill entry to the negative line item, or refund the balance amount.

  1. Click on the Bills tab in the patron’s account.
  2. Select the line for the refund and go to Actions → Refund.


  3. Click OK/Continue.


  4. Enter 1 in the Payment Received box. (There is currently a bug preventing the "Apply Payment" button from being used without a positive number in this box. The $1.00 payment won’t actually be applied.)
  5. Click Apply Payment.


  6. The payment has been refunded.
  7. If you go into History and look at the full details for the bill you will see it shows the payment has been refunded.

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