Register New Patrons

Before you register a new patron, you need to ensure the person does not have an account in Sitka’s Evergreen. Recommended practice is to ask the patron if they have a library card from another library in BC or MB, and scan that card in Check Out Items. If an account exists, you must ask the patron if they agree to share their personal information with your library before using the card. If changes to patron information are required, you should modify the existing patron account, instead of creating a new one.

  1. Select Circulation → Register Patron.
  2. Enter required information, based on your library guidelines. This screen can look different depending on whether you’re showing Required Fields, Suggested Fields, or All Fields. See the section called “Library Settings Editor” for the settings that control which fields display.
  3. Toggle between Primary Name and Preferred Name tabs to enter required names.
  4. If you do not record the address, you need to delete the fields by clicking the red cross sign beside Address. Blank address fields result in an error.
  5. The Holds Notices default setting is Email, and Email Address is a required field. You can override this setting, and the required field, with patron’s actual preferences as needed. You must de-select the Email option to save a patron record without an email address.
  6. Click Save or Save & Clone at top-right of screen. Save and Clone will save the record, and open a new record with some shared details such as phone number and optionally address.



The patron account record is composed of required and optional fields, and some fields are editable by your patrons via the My Account feature on your online catalogue. It is good practice to familiarize your self with the basic functions and features of the patron record as described below.

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