Renewal and Edit Due Date

Edit Due Date

Checked-out items can be renewed if your library’s policy allows it. The new due date is calculated from the renewal date. Existing loans can also be extended to a specific date by renewing with a specific due date, or editing the due date.


  1. Click Items Out tab in patron account.
  2. Select the items and click Actions.
  3. Select, Renew, Renew All, or Renew With Specific Due Date.



You can also renew items on the Item Status screen.

Edit Due Date


Edit Due Date changes the due date in the existing circulation record without reducing remaining renewals, or creating a new circulation record. It does not generate new circulation statistics, and no new notices are generated. For example, editing the due date will not generate a new pre-due notice near the new due date. Co-op Support strongly recommends you use Renew With Specific Due Date rather than manually edit a due date.

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