Holdings Templates

Creating Holdings Templates
Using Holdings Templates
Sharing Holdings Template

Sitka Snippet Video - Creating and Using Holdings Templates (2:37)

Holdings templates allow you to set up templates with pre-selected values for call number and item attributes and help to ensure consistency in cataloguing of items.

Call number attributes are not included in the template editor by default but can be added through the Holdings Details Defaults.

Creating Holdings Templates

  1. Go to Administration → Local Administration → Holdings Template Editor.


    Open the Holdings Editor through any bibliographic record and go to the Item Templates tab.

  2. Enter the values for the call number and item attributes needed for your template.

  3. Type in a name for the template and click Save.


Using Holdings Templates

  1. In the Holdings Editor click on the template drop down menu.
  2. Select the template from the list and click Apply.

  3. The applicable attributes will be updated with the values from the template and outlined in black.


Sharing Holdings Template

Sitka Snippet Video - Sharing Holdings Templates (1:56)

Templates are saved on the Evergreen server, but only viewable by the staff account that created them. To share templates with other staff account you need to export the templates and have staff import them into their accounts.


When exporting, Evergreen will export all templates as one file. Co-op Support recommends you set up all templates needed by your cataloguers on one account before exporting the file.

  1. In the Holdings Template Editor click Export.

  2. You are prompted to specify where on your computer you would like to save the file. Click Save once done.
  3. You can share the file with staff via email or a shared network drive or have them log into Evergreen on computer the file has been saved to.
  4. In the Holdings Template Editor click Import.

  5. Follow the prompts to locate the templates file to be loaded. Click Open.


When importing holdings templates, existing templates will be kept and new ones added. Templates sharing the same name will be overlaid by the new templates.

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