Chapter 57. Evergreen Self Check Administrative Set-up

  1. Library sets up a computer specifically for self check with the following:

    • a mouse
    • a barcode scanner
    • library security system (RFID pad, demagnetizing equipment, etc.)
    • a keyboard
    • a receipt printer
    • Internet Browser
    • The self check is known to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    • a method for locking down access so patrons cannot use the computer for other functions
    • Co-op support recommends that you consult with your local IT support on the best method to lock down your computer.
  2. Library contacts Sitka Support to get a self check interface set up with the library’s logo and colours.
  3. Co-op support supplies library with URL for self check and a self check specific Local System Administrator account.
  4. Library saves URL as a favourite in browser or as a shortcut on the computer’s desktop for easy access.
  5. Library sets needed self check library settings. For details, refer to Table 55.16, “Self Check and Others”
  6. Library teaches patrons to use self check.
  7. For instructions on using the native Evergreen Self Check, see Chapter 12, Self Check


The information in this section is specific to the native Evergreen Self Check which is available to all libraries. For information regarding a third party self check please contact the vendor.

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