Line Items Search

The Acquisitions Search interface defaults to the Line Items Search tab. Here you can search across the entire acquisitions module (selection lists, purchase orders, and invoices) to find line items matching your search terms. There is not an initial default search for this tab. Users must create their search or set a default line item search.

  1. Select your search field(s) and enter your search term(s).
  2. Click Search

    Search for Line Items

The search results consist of line items and provide links to the provider account, bibliographic record in the catalog, associated purchase order, purchase requests, and any associated invoices. Clicking on the linked Lineitem ID will bring you to the highlighted line item on the associated purchase order. All links open in a new tab.


Currently no actions can be taken with Line Item search results. The full integration of action functionality will be added by pending development to the acquisitions module.

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