Purchase Orders Search

The Purchase Orders Search tab allows you to conduct a search of Purchase Orders. The default search that appears when the tab is viewed is a search for all purchase orders that are in the status of on order at your library:

Search for On-Order purchase orders

  1. Purchase Order - Ordering Agency is [your library]
  2. Purchase Order - Status is [On-Order]
  3. Click Search.

    Search for On-Order POs

The search results will consist of purchase orders and provide links to the purchase order and the associated provider account. All links open in a new tab.

You can construct a new one-time search instead of using the default search or set a default purchase order search that will replace the default search described above. If a user sets a new default Purchase Orders search, that search will be populated automatically when Acquisitions → Purchase Orders is selected from the main menu.

You can modify the default purchase order search to generate a list of pending purchase orders.

Search for Pending purchase orders

  1. AcquisitionsPurchase Orders
  2. Purchase Order - Ordering Agency is [your library]
  3. Purchase Order - Status is [Pending]
  4. Click Search.

    Search for Pending POs

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