Chapter 1. Introduction

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About Policy and Best-Practice Documents

About Policy and Best-Practice Documents

Sitka is a group of libraries in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario using the award-winning open-source Evergreen software as its shared Integrated Library System (ILS). Sitka is governed by the non-profit, member-driven BC Libraries Cooperative(Co-op, BCLC). Policy pertaining to the operation of Sitka’s Evergreen instance is developed and ratified by Co-op Support, BCLC board members, or the Sitka Business Function Group (BFG), consisting of those libraries currently using Sitka’s Evergreen (or those with a signed Expression of Interest to join).

There are two parts to this manual:

Approved Policy. Operational policy documents formally approved by the Business Functions Group (BFG), BCLC board members, or Co-op Support and applicable to all libraries using Sitka’s implementation of Evergreen. These policies establish the ground rules required to maintain an efficient shared Evergreen database. Additional Federation and local policy must be consistent with approved Sitka policy.

Best Practices. Operational recommendations from the Sitka BFG, past Working Groups, and Co-op Support. These are not binding policies but provide guidance for common Evergreen functions, encouraging consistency across the consortium. Some best practice documents may eventually be approved as policy.

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