Granting Additional Permissions to Staff Accounts

Additional permissions can be granted to library staff in two ways.

Secondary Permission Groups

Sitka Snippet Video - Additional Permissions for Library Staff Accounts (2:03)

Acquisitions and reporter permissions are granted as secondary permission groups. Acq Admin users can grant acquisitions permissions. Reporter permissions are granted by Support after a Reporter Privacy Waiver is completed.

The report template Staff Assigned to Supplementary Permission Group(s) can be used to generate a list of staff at your library who have a secondary permission group assigned to their account. This template is found under Shared Folders → Templates → Sitka_templates → Patrons → Others.

Individual Permissions

Local System Administrators may selectively grant additional permissions available to LSA accounts to other non-LSA accounts.

In the example below a Circ + Full Cat account is granted permission to process offline transactions, a function which otherwise requires an LSA login.

  1. Log in to Evergreen with a local system administrator account.
  2. Find the staff acount on User Permission Editor. You may search for the patron account, then go to Others → User Permission Editor, or go to Administration → User Permission Editor to search for the account by barcode.
  3. When User Permission Editor is loaded, scroll down the permission list to find OFFLINE_EXECUTE.
  4. Select the checkbox in Applied column.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom to click Save.



  • Permission: List of permission names. For help correlating permissions to specific Evergreen functions please contact Support.
  • Applied: If checked the permission is granted to this account.
  • Depth: limits application to the staff member’s library and should be left at the default. Evergreen blocks attempts to set Federation- or Sitka-wide privileges.
  • Grantable: If checked this staff account will be able to grant the new privilege to other accounts (not recommended).

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