Chapter 59. Library Staff Accounts

Table of Contents

Creating Library Staff Accounts
Editing Library Staff Accounts
Resetting Staff Account Password
Staff Account Permission Groups
Granting Additional Permissions to Staff Accounts
Searching for Library Staff Accounts
Closing Library Staff Accounts

In Evergreen library staff accounts are the same as patron accounts with two differences.

  1. Staff accounts use Main (Profile) Permissions Groups with permissions that give access to Evergreen’s staff functions.
  2. Staff accounts have working locations which tell Evergreen which libraries or branches an account can be used at.


When a library staff account expires the staff member is not able to log into the Evergreen staff client until their account has been renewed.

There are three kinds of library staff accounts:

Staff Specific Accounts


Libraries are encouraged to use Staff Specific Accounts for all accounts that need access to the reporter in Evergreen to avoid the need to re-set up recurring reports.

Staff/Personal Accounts


Support recommends using Staff Specific Accounts instead of Staff/Personal Accounts. It is easier for libraries to manage accounts when staff and personal accounts are kept separate.

Generic Staff Accounts

Creating Library Staff Accounts

Sitka Training Video - Creating Library Staff Accounts (4:46)

To create a new library staff account register your user as you would a patron taking the following into consideration:

  • It is best practice to use a temporary password and then have your staff reset their password to something only they know.
  • For an account to be a staff account it needs to have a Main (Profile) Permission Group with library staff permissions. Choose the appropriate permission group for the access the staff member needs.


The Local System Administrator permission group can only be assigned by Support. Libraries may create an account using any permission group and then submit a request to Support to have the account updated to local system administrator. Please include the account’s barcode in the request.

The table in Staff Account Permission Groups shows what staff functions different permission groups can perform.


This example shows public library staff permission groups. A similar list of groups is available for each library type.

Working Locations

Sitka Snippet Video - Working Locations (1:05)

After creating the account you need to assign a working location:

  1. Retrieve the account.
  2. Go to Other → User Permission Editor.
  3. Select the checkbox(es) in front of the library/branches that you want to assign to the account.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom to click Save.


Staff accounts without a working location can not sign into the Evergreen staff client as of version 3.11.

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