Part XI. Administration

Table of Contents

53. Administration Overview
54. Workstation Administration
Registered Workstations
Printer Settings
Print Templates
Stored Preferences
Print Service ("Hatch")
Include Full Library Names in Library Selector
Search Preferences
55. Local Administration
Age Overdue Circs to Lost
Cash Reports
Circulation Policies
Closed Dates Editor
Group Penalty Thresholds
Hold Policies
Hopeless Holds
Item Alert Suppression
Item Tags
Library Settings Editor
Non-catalogued Type Editor
Hold-driven Recall
Shelving Location Editor
Shelving Location Groups
Shelving Location Order
Statistical Category Editor
Transit List
Work Log
56. Server Administration
Age Hold Protect Rules
Call Number Prefix and Suffix
Circulation Modifiers
Floating Group
Hard Due Date
Item Statuses
Organizational Units
57. Evergreen Self Check Administrative Set-up
58. Public Catalogue Customizations
Search Library Scope
My Account Login
Patron Settings
59. Sitka’s Patron Deletion Tool
Accessing the Patron Deletion Tool
Deleting Inactive Cards
Deleting Patron Accounts
Undeleting Patron Accounts
60. Library Staff Accounts
Creating Library Staff Accounts
Editing Library Staff Accounts
Resetting Staff Account Password
Staff Account Permission Groups
Granting Additional Permissions to Staff Accounts
Searching for Library Staff Accounts
Closing Library Staff Accounts
61. Patron Notifications
Email Notifications
Checking for Notifications
Courtesy Notifications
Overdue Notifications
Circulation Notifications
Hold Notifications
Patron Account Related Notifications
62. Evergreen System Requirements

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