Closing Library Staff Accounts

Recurring Reports

Sitka Training Video - Closing Library Staff Accounts (1:56)

When a staff member leaves the library their staff access should be disabled in a timely manner.

A local system administrator at your library needs to do the following:

If the former staff member will not be using the account as a personal borrowing account a local system administrator can use the patron deletion tool to delete the account.

Additionally, if the staff member had access to any other library accounts, such as generic accounts, those staff accounts must have their passwords updated.

Recurring Reports

If the account being closed is currently used to run recurring reports for the library you have two options for handling those reports:

  1. If the account has only ever been used for staff access (no personal borrowing) you can update the name and details on the account (or contact Support in the case of a LSA). The new user MUST complete a reporter privacy waiver to comply with Sitka’s privacy policy. OR
  2. If the account has been used as both a staff and personal borrowing account the reports will need to be moved to a new staff member.

Moving Reports to a New Staff Member

  1. Ensure that folder(s) the report templates currently reside in are shared with your library. Sharing them makes them visible to anyone at your library who has signed the Full Reporter Privacy Waiver and so has access to the Reporter.
  2. The new staff member handling reports logs in and clones all the needed report templates into their own folders, same as you would clone a report from the Sitka Templates folder.
  3. Any recurring reports running from the old account need to be cancelled by going into the Reports folder for each report and deleting the report.


Deleting reports also deletes any output attached to the report so make sure to download any needed report output as Excel or CSV files and save them to your computer or network drive.

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