Hopeless Holds

Managing Hopeless Holds
Hopeless Holds Interface

Sitka Snippet Video - Hopeless Holds (1:11)

A hold is considered hopeless when there are no copies in Evergreen’s "hold_copy_map" for a title, or, when all copies in the "hold_copy_map" are in an item status with "hopeless_prone" set to True. In Sitka’s Evergreen, these statuses are globally set at Discard/Weed, Damaged, Lost, Lost and Paid, and Missing.

Managing Hopeless Holds

Unfulfillable holds are colloquially known as “hopeless holds.” In previous versions of Evergreen, staff relied on reports to generate lists of such holds. In Sitka’s Evergreen version 3.7, the new Hopeless Holds interface provides staff with an easy way to retrieve a list of unfulfillable holds, and perform actions on them to move them out of their hopeless condition.

Hopeless Holds Interface

  1. Click Administration → Local Administration → Hopeless Holds. All staff with permissions to view and modify holds can access Hopeless Holds.


  2. A list of holds that are considered unfulfillable is generated. Requests are added to this list based on whether there is a value in the Hopeless Date field. Evergreen’s hold targeter assigns this date when it cannot find a potential target for a hold based on the criteria of hopeless.


  3. The list of hold requests can be filtered by hopeless date range and/or pickup library. Pickup library defaults to the workstation library and retrieves results for the selected library and its descendants.


  4. All columns in the grid can be sorted by clicking the column header.
  5. Additional columns are available through the column picker, including the standard column options associated with Holds.


  6. Click one or more hold requests from the list, and use the Actions menu to perform a variety of tasks. All actions activate new tabs for each selected record. Example actions are Cancel Hold, Modify Hold(s), Find Another Target, Show Hold Details, and so on.


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