Chapter 50. Server Administration

Table of Contents

Call Number Prefix and Suffix
Organizational Units
Copy Status
Hard Due Date
Floating Group

Most options under the Server Administration menu are global Sitka settings that cannot be changed locally. The exception inlcudes the call number prefix/suffix, and the Organizational Units submenu, which allows Local System Administrators to edit library contact information, hours of operation, and addresses.

There is some view-only information that is useful under Server Administration, in particular the list of Copy Statuses.

Call Number Prefix and Suffix

If you library uses prefixes and/or suffixes in call numbers, you can build a standard list, which will be displayed as dropdown lists when creating/editing call number record.

This is how it looks on the call number creating/editing screen.


To create a call number prefix/suffix, go to Administration → Server Administration- > Call Number Prefix (Suffix)

Click New Prefix (Suffix). Type in the label. Choose your library as the Owning Library, and then Save.


To delete a prefix/suffix, check the record, and then click Delete Selected.


Call Number Prefix/Suffix created here are different from Label Prefix/Suffix created on Copy Location Editor. The former are displayed as part of call number in OPAC, while the latter are on printed labels only.

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