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When searching the catalogue for cataloguing purposes the Numeric Search should be preferred over the Keyword Search. Libraries that catalogue non-bibliographic items (laptops, museum passes, cake pans, etc.) that don’t use standard identifiers, like ISBN, may need to use the Keyword Search when adding additional items to these records.

  1. To search the catalogue for holdings select CataloguingSearch the Catalogue.

    Catalogue Menu
  2. When searching for cataloguing purposes it is important to ensure that you search the entire consortium.

    Search Library
    1. (GLCONS is the Green Land Consortium on Sitka’s training server.)
  3. Select the Keyword Search tab. It will be open by default if it’s set as your Default Search Pane.

    Keyword Search screen
  4. Use the three dots to expand the search form for more filtering options.

    Keyword Search screen


    All the search filters, with the exception of Shelving Location, rely on values entered into the Leader, 007, 008, or 041 fields of the MARC record. Records with incorrect coding will not filter correctly.

  5. Enter your search criteria and click Search.
  6. Your results are displayed. Refer to the section called “Viewing Search Results for Cataloguing Purposes” for information on determining which result to add your holding to.

    one search results


It is possible to search ISBNs by Keyword, but results may not be exhaustive. We recommend using Numeric Search when searching for ISBN or other standard identifiers. Refer to the section called “Numeric Search”.

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