New Items and Holds

Because of the way Evergreen targets holds, new items are not guaranteed to fulfill pre-existing holds until 24 hours after cataloguing. If you are a single branch library and your cataloguing turn-around time is shorter than 24 hours you can ensure the new item is captured at check in by using the checkin modifiers Retarget Local Holds and Retarget All Statuses.

As the checkin modifiers will only re-target the top local hold, which may not be the top system hold, multi-branch libraries should instead follow the procedure below.

  1. After adding the item, click on View Holds.

  2. If there are outstanding hold requests, select the hold that is next in line then click the actions button and choose Find Another Target. This forces Evergreen to re-target the hold and recognize the newly catalogued item.

  3. Check in the new item to capture it for the selected hold.

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