Chapter 46. Running Inventory

Table of Contents

Preparing for Inventory
Running Inventory with the Staff Client
Running Inventory with the Offline Module
Running Inventory with a Portable Barcode Scanner

The following procedure was developed by Co-op Support based on the current functionality available in Sitka’s Evergreen, and the experience of inventory projects done by libraries in the Sitka consortium and the Evergreen community.

Inventory in Evergreen involves staff checking in all items in a specific area, using the Checkin Modifier Update Inventory, or, scanning or uploading barcodes to the Item Status screen, and batch editing the Update Inventory date. Staff can then run a report to list all the items that were not scanned, and look for them.

When items are inventoried, the date, time, and workstation is recorded in the Update Inventory field of the item record. This field is used by the inventory reports to determine which items have been inventoried and which have not.

Preparing for Inventory

The first step to running inventory is to choose the section of your library you will inventory. We recommend that you inventory a shelving location or particular call number range. There are several report templates you can use to aid you in preparing for your inventory.

  • Sitka_templates → Collection → Copy and Title Count → Title and Copy Count by Shelving Location and Circulation Modifier
  • Sitka_templates → Collection → Copy List by Item Attributes → Call Number : Copies with Call Numbers within a Range
  • Sitka_templates → Collection → Copy List by Item Attributes → Shelving Location : Copies with Selected Shelving Locations


Once inventory starts, any item found in an incorrect location should be checked in before it is shelved in the correct location.

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