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Bookmark Toolbar
Tab Buttons and Keyboard Shortcuts

Bookmark Toolbar

Sitka Snippet Video - Bookmark Toolbar (3:44)

The web client allows you to bookmark the pages that you use the most, and to use your browser’s existing functionality to build your own custom toolbars and even to use browser profiles for different activities.

Google Chrome Help - Create, view & edit bookmarks

Tab Buttons and Keyboard Shortcuts

As the staff client is loaded in a web browser, library staff can use browser-based tab controls and keyboard shortcuts to help with navigation. Below are some tips for browser navigation that can be used in Chrome on Windows PCs.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Tabs

  • Use CTRL+T or click the browser’s new tab button to open a new tab.
  • Use CTRL+W or click the x in the tab to close the tab.
  • Undo closing a tab by hitting CTRL+Shift+Tab.
  • Use CTRL+F5 or click the Refresh button to refresh the tab.
  • To open a link from the web client in a new tab, CTRL+click the link or right-click the link and select Open Link in New Tab. Using this method, you can also open options from the web client’s dropdown menus in a new tab
  • Navigate from one tab to another using CTRL+Tab on the keyboard.

Setting New Tab Behavior

Some users may want to automatically open the web client’s portal page in a new tab. Chrome will not open your home page by default when you open a new tab. However, optional add-ons will allow you to set the browsers to automatically open the home page whenever open opening a new tab. These add-ons may be useful for those libraries that want the new tab to open to the web client portal page.

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