Chapter 21. Permissions

Table of Contents

Acquisitions Permission Groups
Granting Acquisitions Permissions

Acquisitions Permission Groups

There are four Acquisitions Permission Groups: Basic Selector, Advanced Selector, Purchaser, Administrator. These permission groups are applied in addition to a staff member’s current permissions group.

Basic Selector

  • Use the Acquisitions General Search
  • Create, merge, clone, and delete selection lists
  • Add line items to a selection list
  • View and use selection lists created by another user
  • Create brief MARC records
  • Perform a MARC Federated Search
  • Add copies, alerts, and notes to line items
  • Apply funds to copies and line items on a selection list
  • Link line items to bibliographic records in the catalogue
  • Mark line items selector-ready and/or order-ready
  • View, but not create, purchase orders
  • View fund summaries for the current year for the location the workstation is registered to

Advanced Selector

  • Basic Selector permissions
  • View fund summaries for multiple years and location
  • Create, edit, delete funds
  • View debits associated with a fund
  • Transfer money between funds


  • Advanced Selector permissions
  • Apply distribution formulas to line items
  • Create, view, rename, print, and activate purchase orders
  • Add notes and charges to purchase orders
  • Receive and un-receive purchase orders, line items, and copies
  • View purchase order history
  • Cancel purchase orders, line items, and copies
  • Change a line item’s claim policy
  • Claim line items and copies
  • Print claim vouchers
  • Create, view, print, and close invoices
  • Reopen invoices
  • Add charges to invoices
  • Prorate charges across the funds on an invoice
  • View, but not edit, providers
  • View all invoices associated with a particular provider


  • Selector and purchaser permissions
  • Create, edit, and delete funding sources
  • Allocate credit to funding sources
  • Create, edit, and delete funds
  • Allocate credit from funding sources to funds
  • Create, edit, and delete providers
  • Update a variety of Library Editor Settings
  • Create distribution formulas
  • Create line item alerts
  • Assign acquisitions permission groups to other staff members

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