Chapter 6. Inter Library Loan

Table of Contents

Using Pre-cats for Incoming ILL
Using Brief MARC Records for Incoming ILL
Using Patron Accounts for Outgoing ILL
BC Inter Library Connect Policies
Spruce Inter Library Connect

Using Pre-cats for Incoming ILL

Pre-cats, also known as pre-catalogued items, are temporary records created at the time of check out.

Pre-cats can be used for incoming interlibrary loans that are not between two Interlibrary Connect libraries.

See Sitka’s Evergreen Documentation for information on checking out pre-cats.

Some important things to remember about pre-cats are:

  • Do NOT use the barcode on the item. This causes problems if the item belongs to another Sitka library.
  • Pre-cats are temporary and not visible in the OPAC
  • A pre-cat only really exists as long as it is checked out
  • Make sure you chose the correct circulation modifier at check out to ensure that the item follows the correct circulation policy.

When using pre-cats we recommend that you have a set of barcodes that you recycle to avoid creating hundreds of pre-cats in the system. These pre-cat barcodes may take the form of barcoded cards that are scanned and attached to the interlibrary loan while it circulates.

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