Chapter 31. Folders

Table of Contents

Creating Folders
Managing Folders
Sharing Folders

Setting Up Report Folders (2:51)

The folders pane in the reporter is divided into two sections:


There are three main components used by the reporter which each much be stored in a separate folder:

In order to work with templates, reports, and output in the reporter you must have at least one folder created under each component. See the section called “Creating Folders”.

Creating Folders


Co-op Support recommends using a parallel naming scheme for folders in Templates, Reports, and Output to help keep your reports organized and easier to find.

To create a folder within Templates, Reports, or Output:

  1. Go to Administration → Reports.
  2. In the My Folders section click on the folder you would like to create a sub-folder in. You may need to click on the arrows to expand the relevant folder tree.

  3. Click Manage Folder.

  4. From the drop down menu select Create a new sub-folder and click Go.

  5. Enter a name for the folder and select sharing parameters if appropriate. See the section called “Sharing Your Folders” for more information on sharing.
  6. Click Create Sub Folder

  7. A pop-up will appear confirming the folder can been created. Click OK.
  8. The folder can now been seen in the appropriate folder tree.



When creating folders at the top level (directly under Templates, Reports, or Output) Evergreen will open the folder creation screen immediately.


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