Refunding Payments

If a paid bill is voided, either by staff or by the system, it may result in a negative balance on the patron’s account. To close negative bills, you can adjust the balance to zero, add a bill entry to the negative line item, or refund the balance amount.

On occasion staff may need to manually void a payment in order to trigger the refund. See the section called “Voiding a Paid Bill”.


The most common scenario resulting in a negative balance is a lost item that has been paid for being returned within the library’s refund interval.

  1. In the patron’s account click on the Bills tab.
  2. Select the line for the refund and go to Actions → Refund.


  3. Click OK/Continue.


  4. In the summary section of the Bills tab you will see the amount you are refunding reflected in the Refunds Available and Pending Payment fields.


  5. Enter 1 in the Payment Received box. (There is currently a bug preventing the "Apply Payment" button from being used without a positive number in this box. The $1.00 payment won’t actually be applied.)
  6. Click Apply Payment.


  7. The payment has been refunded and you can return the money to the patron.
  8. A record of the refund is available in the patron’s bill history in the full details of the payment.

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