Chapter 53. Workstation Administration

Table of Contents

Registered Workstations
Printer Settings
Print Templates
Stored Preferences
Print Service ("Hatch")
Include Full Library Names in Library Selector
Search Preferences

Registered Workstations

Register a New Workstation For This Browser

Register more than one workstation on a computer.

  1. Click AdministrationWorkstationRegistered Workstations
  2. Choose your library short code from the drop down menu.
  3. Enter a unique workstation name → Click Register.

    1. If you are re-registering a workstation you can use the workstation’s previous name to keep your workstation settings.
  4. The new workstation is listed in the Workstations Registered With This Browser menu → click Use Now to return to the login page.
Workstation Registration


Multi-branch library adminstrators and federation coordinators may require multiple workstations.

Workstations Registered With This Browser

A drop down menu shows the Workstations registered with this browser. Use the drop down to choose a registered workstation

  1. Click Use Now to go to the staff client log in page
  2. Click Mark as Default to make the selected workstation your default.
  3. Click Remove to deleted the selected workstation.

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