Downloading and Installing Hatch

Enable Hatch in Evergreen

Hatch is an optional installable program that works with your browser to manage complex printing needs (such as printing to different printers under different circumstances) and store local settings (such as column configurations and custom print templates).

. Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Windows only requires a JRE to run Hatch, not a full JDK. Download and install JRE version 1.8 or higher from java.

  1. Install Hatch from Hatch
  2. Install Chrome extension. If the extension was not installed automatically when installing Hatch you can get it directly in the browser from the Chrome App Store Chrome App Store

Enable Hatch in Evergreen

  1. Log into Evergreen as LSA.
  2. Click Administration → Workstation.
  3. Click Print/Storage Service (Hatch)
  4. Make sure that you see that Hatch is available. Click Use Hatch For Printing, Store Local Settings in Hatch, and Store Offline Transaction Data in Hatch.
  5. Click Copy Local Storage Settings To Hatch.
  6. Log out. Preferences will now be stored in Hatch. This will enable you to clear your browser settings and not lose your staff preferences .

Refer to the section called “Operating System” if you are having issues with Hatch.

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