Chapter 4. Acquisitions Search

Table of Contents

General Search
Search for Line items
Search for Selection Lists
Search for Purchase Orders
Search for Invoices

General Search

  1. Click AcquisitionsGeneral Search.
  2. Use the Search for drop down menu to specify what you are searching for.
  3. Select your search field(s) and enter your search term(s).
  4. Click Search
  5. View your search results.

Search fields are divided into a number of categories. These categories are: Line Item, Selection List, Purchase Order, Invoice, Line Item Detail, and Line Item Attribute. Unless grayed out these fields can be used with any of the Search for options.

Acquisitions General Search Tips

  • The Search for option you choose will be the form in which your results are returned in.
  • Search terms are ANDed together when all is selected.
  • Search terms are ORed together when any is selected.
  • Click Add Search Term to add more fields.
  • Click the red X at the end of each row to delete search terms.
  • Use "contains" when doing keyword searching, such as for Title of a Work.
  • Use "is" when searching for an exact match, such as for an ISBN.

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