Sitka’s Evergreen Acquisitions Documentation

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. An Introduction to Acquisitions
2. New Features in Evergreen Acquisitions version 3.1
3. Recommended Workflows
Workflow: Upload MARC Records
Workflow: Order Shelf Ready Items
Workflow: Order from the Catalogue
Workflow: Blanket Orders
Workflow: Invoice Only
II. Acquisitions
4. Acquisitions Search
General Search
Search for Line items
Search for Selection Lists
Search for Purchase Orders
Search for Invoices
5. Selection Lists
6. Load MARC Order Records
Default Upload Settings
7. MARC Federated Search
8. Load Catalog Record IDs
9. Purchase Orders
Create Purchase Orders
Add Line Items
Activate Purchase Order
Purchase Order Actions
10. Line Items
Line Item Attributes
Add Copies to a Line Item
Line Item Batch updater
Line Item Actions
Line Item Notes
Line Item Alerts
Line Item Status
Delete a Line Item
11. Receive
Receive Purchase Order
Receive Line items
Receive Copies
Receive Items on the Invoice
12. Invoices
Invoice details
Close Invoice
Add Line items to the Invoice
View an Invoice
Close an Invoice
Re-open an Invoice
Print Invoices
13. Claiming
Claim Policies
Claim-Ready Items
Claim Vouchers
14. Cancel / Delay Acquisitions
III. Acquisitions Administration
15. Acquisitions Module Configuration
16. Funding Sources
Create a Funding Source
Edit a Funding Source
Delete a Funding Source
Apply Credit
Allocate Credit to Funds - Funding Source Interface
Track Credits and Allocations
17. Funds
Create a Fund
Edit a Fund
Delete a Fund
Allocate to Funds - Funds Interface
Transfer Credit Between Funds
Track Balances and Expenditures
18. Providers
Create a Provider
Edit Provider
Delete Provider
Holding Subfields
View a Provider’s Invoices
19. Acquisitions Settings in the Library Settings Editor
20. Permissions
Acquisitions Permission Groups
Granting Acquisitions Permissions
21. Acquisitions Year End
Year End Checklist
Sitka Acquisitions Year End Procedure
Fund Propagation and Rollover
22. Optional Administrative Set-up
Claim Policies
Distribution Formulas
Line Item Alerts
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Enhanced On Order records
23. Acquisitions Reports
IV. Sitka’s Acquisitions Defaults
24. Currency Types
25. Exchange Rates
26. Cancel Reasons
27. Invoice Item Types
28. Payment Methods
29. Line Item Marc Attributes
30. New Sitka Defaults
A. Licensing

List of Figures

6.1. Load MARC Order Records recommended settings for upload

List of Tables

19.1. Acquisitions Settings
19.2. Acquisitions Settings - Load MARC Order Records Defaults

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