Chapter 5. Cataloguing Policy

Table of Contents

Cataloguing Procedures
Series Cataloguing
Local Information in Cataloguing
Frequently Asked Questions


With recommendations from the then Sitka Cataloguing Working Group, the BC Libraries Cooperative set standards for cataloguing workflows and MARC records and developed the first version of this policy in 2009. This Cataloguing Policy is referenced in the training provided by Co-op Support, and is supplemented by Sitka’s Evergreen Documentation located at Sitka member libraries are expected to familiarize themselves with this policy, and endeavour to uphold it in their local cataloguing workflows.

Sitka consortium libraries are committed to creating a database of high-quality bibliographic records for collective use. These bibliographic records are the shared property of the British Columbia Libraries Cooperative, regardless of the holdings attached. It does not matter which library “created” the record, who transferred it into the database, or who has edited it since. Maintaining the quality and integrity of each bibliographic record is an interest and a responsibility we all share.

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