The Cataloguing Workflow

Is it a Match?

Cataloguers should always search the Sitka catalogue as part of their cataloguing process so that new holdings can be added to existing matching records whenever possible.

This can be done in three way:

The below diagram shows the basic workflow when cataloguing items for which you do not have a file of records.


Is it a Match?

When adding holdings to an existing bibliographic record in the Sitka catalogue it is very important to ensure the physical or electronic item matches what is being described in the bibliographic record.

Cataloguers should use their knowledge of RDA and MARC coding to determine which record matches the item they are cataloguing.

Remember, a record is NOT a match if:

  • it has a different identifier (ISBN, ISSN, UPC)
  • it has a different publisher and/or publication date
  • it is a different format (book vs. e-book, dvd vs. BluRay)
  • it is a different edition (American vs. UK)
  • it has a different page count and/or dimensions

A record is also NOT a match if it does not contain enough information to confirm that the record and item are a match. Generally missing a combination of identifier (ISBN, ISSN, UPC), author, publisher, and publication date, will make it impossible to confirm that the item and record match. In this case cataloguers should add or create a new bibliographic record.

Brief on order records may not contain all key information but still contain enough that a cataloguer can be confident that the record matches their newly published item. In this case cataloguers should add their holding to the existing brief on order record.

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