Barcode Completion

Registering Patrons with Barcode Completion
Circulation with Barcode Completion
3rd Party Services

Barcode completion can be enabled for items or patrons or both depending on a library’s needs.

It is Sitka policy for libraries to use 14 digit codabar barcodes with their assigned prefix for items and patrons.

Barcode completion can be used temporarily to handle duplication within Sitka’s Evergreen while libraries re-barcode any items or patrons with non-14 digit codabar barcodes.

Registering Patrons with Barcode Completion

In some cases 14 digit codabar barcodes can’t be used, such as student numbers issued by a registar’s office. In those cases a barcode prefix is used to create unique barcodes within Sitka’s Evergreen.

When creating new patrons, either from patron registration or by loading patron records, the assigned barcode prefix must be included in the barcode for all non-14 digit codabar barcodes. For example, 123456 would be entered as MPL123456.

Circulation with Barcode Completion

  1. Scan a barcode into Check Out, Check In, or Item Status.
  2. If there is only one match Evergreen automatically adds the prefix and retrieves the appropriate item or patron.
  3. If there are multiple matches a pop-up will appear listing the possible barcodes.


  4. Select the barcode that matches the patron or item.
  5. The patron will be retrieved or the item loaded on the screen.

Barcode completion is not currently available for My Account or the Evergreen self check-out.


Barcode completion will only work at your library. We recommend rebarcoding items before they are sent to fill interlibrary loans via Interlibrary Connect or make a note that the item barcode must be entered as MPL123456.

3rd Party Services

Libraries that use patron barcode completion for patrons need to ensure that patrons include the prefix when logging into 3rd party services that authenticate against Evergreen, such as Overdrive.

For example, Maple Public Library uses barcode completion with the prefix MPL. The patron’s barcode is 123456 on their card and is MPL123456 in the Sitka database. To log into their Overdrive account the patron must enter MPL123456.

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