Part II. Circulation

Table of Contents

7. Patron Records
Retrieving Patron Accounts
Register New Patrons
Patron Self-Registration
Update Patron Account
Patron Alerts, Notes, Messages, and Notifications
User Buckets
Merging Patron Accounts
8. Circulation
Check Out
Check In
Renewal and Edit Due Date
Mark Items Lost, Claims Returned, and Claims Never Checked Out
In-House Use
Item Status
Barcode Completion
9. Bills and Payments
Circulation vs. Grocery Bills
Making Payments
Patron Credit
Adjust Bill Balance to Zero
Voiding Bills
Adding New "Grocery" Bills
Bill History
10. Holds
Placing Holds
Managing Holds
Pull List for Hold Requests
Transferring Title Holds
Re-targeting Holds
Capturing Holds
Holds Shelf List and Clearing Shelf-Expired Holds
Hopeless Holds
Hold Groups
Holds Filling Explained
11. Items in Transit
When Will An Item Go In Transit?
Receive In Transit Items
Transit Details
Transit List
Cancel Transits
12. Self Check
Staff Functions in the Evergreen Self Check
Basic Check Out
Renew Items
View Items Out
View Holds
View Fines
13. Offline Circulation
Set up Workstations for Offline Circulation
Conduct Offline Transactions
Upload and Process Offline Transactions
Transfer Offline Transactions

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