Pull List for Hold Requests

Print or Export Pull List for Hold Requests

Sitka Training Video - Pull List for Hold Requests (2:59)

Items that are available on your shelf and have been requested to fill a hold will appear on the pull list for hold requests. Staff can print the list, pull the items from the shelf, and then check them in to capture the holds. Co-op Support recommends checking the pull list at once day; libraries with a high volume of holds may find it beneficial to check the list multiple times a day.

  1. Go to Circulation → Pull List for Hold Requests.
  2. The pull list displays. By default the items on the list are grouped first by shelving location, then by call number.


    The order the shelving locations display in can be adjusted to better reflect the physical arrangement of your shelves. See the section called “Shelving Location Order”.

  3. Multi-branch libraries can use the library selector to look at the pull lists for any of their branches.
  4. Click Print Full List.


  5. Pull the items from your shelves and check them in to capture the holds.
  6. Items that cannot be found should have their status set to Missing via the Actions menu.



The Pickup Library column will show which library the item is going to to fill the hold. Libraries participating in Interlibrary Connect can use this column to distinguish between local and ILC holds and may choose not to pull ILC holds on a day their Interlibrary Loan staff member is away.


Evergreen will re-target ILC holds to another library after 24 hours if the item hasn’t been captured for a hold, unless there is no other item in the ILC zone that can fill the hold.

Print or Export Pull List for Hold Requests

The default pull list print through the Print Full List button includes only columns for Hold Type, Title, Author, Shelving Location, Call Number, and Item Barcode.

  • To print exactly what is displayed on the screen, click Show Grid Options (Gear Icon) → Print Full Grid.
  • To export the visible columns to a CSV file, click Show Grid Options (Gear Icon) → Download Full CSV.


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