Chapter 10. Holds

Table of Contents

Working with Holds
Placing Holds
Viewing Holds
Managing Holds
Pull List for Hold Requests
Holds Filling Explained
Capturing Holds and Hold Transits
Holds Shelf
Managing Hold Groups

Working with Holds

Basic Hold Workflow

  1. A hold is placed by the patron or by library staff on behalf of the patron
  2. Library staff capture the hold. This can happen when an item on hold is returned and checked in or when staff pull and check in available items listed on the pull list.
  3. The patron is notified automatically by text or email, or manually by staff
  4. The item is placed on the hold shelf.
  5. The hold is complete when the patron checks out or cancels their hold or when staff cancel or clear the hold.
  6. Staff regularly check their hopeless holds list to resolve unfillable holds.

Is it Holdable?

A number of factors determine whether or not a hold can be placed.

  • The status of the item

  • How the item is catalogued

  • The library’s hold policies can block holds based on:

    • Patron types
    • Circulation modifiers
    • Owning/Pickup library
    • Age based hold protection
    • Maximum number of holds allowed at a time
  • The library setting Has Local Copy Block

    • When this is set to TRUE holds cannot be placed on available items

Individual patrons can also be blocked from placing holds due to exceeding group penalty thresholds.

Hold Levels

Evergreen has four different holds levels. Library staff can place holds at all four levels, while patrons can only place meta-record, title level, and call number level holds.

Hold level Abbreviation When to use How to use Who can use Hold tied to



Patron wants first available copy of multiple titles of the same/different format. Click on place hold to the right of the record. From holds confirmation screen, click Advanced hold options and select other applicable formats.

Patron or staff

Holdings attached to multiple MARC (title) records sharing the same title and author of selected format(s)(book, video, audiobook, etc.)



Patron wants first available copy of a title. Staff or patron click on place hold to the right of a record on search result list or record summary screen. Libraries participating in Interlibrary Connect should use title level holds for ILC holds.

Patron or staff

Holdings attached to a single MARC (title) record

Call Number


Patron wants the first available copy of a specific call number of a title. Staff click Call Number Hold in Holdable? column on the record summary screen.

Patron or staff

Call number record



Patron or staff want a specific copy of a title. Staff click Item hold in Holdable? column on the record summary screen.


Item barcode

Hold Statuses

Holds will have one of the following statuses:

Status Description


The hold has been cancelled. Staff need to check the item in to return it to circulation or capture the next hold.

In Transit

The item is in transit to the pickup library from another library.

Ready for Pickup

The item is on the holds shelf and ready for pick up. The status of the item will show as On Holds Shelf.


The hold has been captured and has not been put on the holds shelf. The status will be automatically changed to Ready for Pickup once the delay period specified in library setting Hold Shelf Status Delay.


The hold is suspended and will not be filled until it is automatically or manually activated.

Waiting for Capture

An available item has been assigned to the hold but it hasn’t been captured for the hold yet. The item will display on the Pull List for Hold Requests.

Waiting for Item

All holdable item are currently checked out or otherwise not available.

Wrong Shelf

The pickup library for the hold has changed. Staff need to check the item in to send it into transit to the new pickup library.

Age Based Hold Protection

Age based hold protection enables libraries to block holds from being filled for patrons from other libraries or branches until the item has been active for a specified amount of time.

Age based hold protection can be set up as part of your hold policies or can be applied on a per item basis via item attributes. Protection via hold policies will apply to holds on all items or holds using specified circulation modifiers. Protection via item attributes is applied by cataloguers on an item by item basis.

Single branch libraries can use age based hold protection via hold policies OR via item attribute; you should not use both at the same time. Multi-branch libraries can use a combination of age based hold protection through hold policies AND item attributes to control hold filling between their branches and other libraries.

Make sure you know if and how your library does age based hold protection.

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